About us

We are a real estate agency that has the goal not only to meet the expectations of our clients, but to exceed them.

Whether you’re trying to buy or sell a property, we will work closely with you so that we can get the best deal, together. Our team of real estate agents is experienced, trained, focused on getting the best results. We know that having good listings is not enough to meet the needs of those who are looking for a home. We study the local market to give you the best recommendations.

Tell us what you are looking for, and we will help you.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Within the scope of Real Estate Mediation we provide the following services:

     - Buy and selling of properties

     - Property Rental

     - Vacation Rentals

     - Obtaining Energy Certificates

     - Tax representation of non-residents

     - Obtaining a Local Accommodation License

     - Obtaining documentation

     - Execution of contracts (promise to buy and sell; lease; etc ...)

     - Preparation of dossier for deeds and sending to notary

     - Cancellation / Conclusion of Water, Light and Gas contracts

At R2B ZEN, we have the notion that our client wants to sell his property as quickly as possible, always at the best price and above all with the minimum of worries. Taking these factors into account, our company and our entire team of professionals work daily in this direction, so that, throughout the entire process, our client feels accompanied and confident that everything will go smoothly, smoothly, without delay. or surprises.

As a holiday rental company, we provide a different type of response, taking into account the demand and supply of this particular market.

In addition to the purchase and sale of real estate, we know that our customers do not always want this business and that the market for annual and / or long-term rentals is in high demand, for this reason we seek to advise and find the best solution within the desired value. . Tenants and owners know that we follow the entire process, from raising to closing the deal.

Property Management

Property Management

Property management is an activity of detail, rigor, anticipating problems, quick responses. It was in this activity that R2B ZEN specialized and became known, for the excellence and care that we have, daily, with the properties entrusted to us by our customers and the service and monitoring of their guests.

The fact that our agency is located in a tourist center requires that daily we improve the quality of our services, improving our logistics, the quality of our partners and optimizing our entire process, so that, increasingly, our customers and guests have a service and stay as “Zen” as possible and without worries.